City presents "mountain town character" to tourists

Dec 17, 2015

The inhabitants of Aspen will get a break from the sounds of back-up beeps and jackhammers a week early during this high season.

Beginning today, no construction is allowed in the Aspen Core as the city prepares for its most lucrative weeks of the year.

A map of the core and resort zones under restricted construction for the holidays.

The city’s ban of outside construction usually begins on Christmas and goes through New Year’s. But the rules were changed this year.

City Engineer Trish Aragon says the moratorium was requested by the local residents and businesses

“Our citizens spoke loudly about this, our business community spoke loudly about this — in addition to our council — where they wanted to preserve Aspen during this time so it’s just this balance as much as we can”

No construction is allowed within the blocks between Main, Durrant, Spring and Monarch streets. And interior work that would cause disturbance to the public through noise or large trucks is also restricted.

There are currently 20 active construction sites within the Aspen core. An additional 40 sites will be affected starting on Christmas day when restrictions expand to other areas downtown.