County Undecided on APCHA Governance Model

Aug 22, 2018

County Manager Jon Peacock, and Commissioners Rachel Richards and Steve Child in a meeting August 14.
Credit file photo

  A group of city and county officials have proposed re-writing the agreement that governs the Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority. In their board retreat Tuesday, the commissioners weighed in on what a public housing program could look like in the future.

The commissioners discussed everything from a current proposal that the city, county and community members form one new housing board, to splitting off into their own authority.

While independence would allow them full control over the properties that they have developed, they have very little funding of their own for future projects

Board chair Patti Clapper said she is not comfortable with the executive power that would come from a new “super board.” Commissioner George Newman countered that he is “more than comfortable” with the prospect.

They concluded by directing staff to conduct robust public outreach this fall, asking the community to weigh in on the ways the housing authority can better serve the county.