Cultivating change: 'How We Grow' highlights young Roaring Fork farmers

May 10, 2018

Two local filmmakers are bringing the story of Roaring Fork Valley farmers to the big screen. The award-winning documentary “How We Grow” makes its home premiere this weekend.


For two years, directors Tom Zuccareno and Haley Thompson documented young farmers in the Roaring Fork Valley. The film highlights how this next generation is making important changes in the food system.

Zuccareno said the protagonists of the film all focus on regenerative farming techniques, working to build soil health to combat climate change.

“They all got into farming because they believe the earth needs our help,” Zuccareno said.

He added that local, small farms can mean big change for consumers.

“When you know the person who grows your food, you care about your food more, and you care a little bit more about your community,” he said.

The documentary won the Best of the Fest Award at the Colorado Environmental Film Festival in February. There are two showings, one at 5 p.m. and another at 7 p.m., at the Crystal Theatre in Carbondale this Saturday.