Election Officials Study Up On Cybersecurity

Sep 5, 2018

State elections director Judd Choate trains the moderator team in preparation for Thursday’s exercises.
Credit Colorado Secretary of State

On Thursday, hundreds of county election officials from across Colorado will learn how to respond to cybersecurity threats and other possible emergencies that could impact Election Day.

Nearly 200 election officials are meeting in Englewood, CO, to participate in drills meant to prepare them for November’s election. They’ll learn how to best to respond to a variety of scenarios, like if their computer systems shut down, or they can’t connect to the internet.


Secretary of State Wayne Williams said the meeting is not just about cybersecurity. He stressed the importance of knowing how to properly respond if a natural disaster disrupts Election Day, like a wildfire that prevents voters from getting to their polling place.

Williams said former election judges and cybersecurity professionals from the Department of Homeland Security will moderate the event.