Glenwood Springs reimagines city bus service

Jun 6, 2018

The Glenwood Springs City Council will decide Thursday if they’ll change the Ride Glenwood Springs bus service dramatically over the next few years.

Ride Glenwood Springs doesn’t have that many riders, the service is costly, and the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) already makes a lot of the same stops.  

This is why the city might stop Ride Glenwood Springs in its current form, and ask RFTA to fill the gaps. Ride Glenwood Springs would then become an e-ride service, basically a city-run Uber.

"The idea is that you would call for a ride," said city engineer Terri Partch. Riders would be calling SUVs and passengers for a ride, not buses. Partch said if the council adopts the plan, the city will first ask RFTA to realign its routes to include the Highway 6 corridor, on the north side of the Colorado River.

The city hopes to be piloting the e-ride service by 2020.