Governor signs hospital provider fee bill, puts money into road funding

May 31, 2017

One of the most significant pieces of legislation to come out of this year’s legislative session was signed into law Tuesday. Senate Bill 267 avoided deep cuts to hospitals and put about 2 billion dollars into road funding. 


The expansive measure was aimed at helping rural Colorado and preventing an effective half billion-dollar cut to hospitals. It also removed a hospital fee from counting against the state’s revenue growth limit to free up more money in the state budget. Republican Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg of Sterling was the main sponsor.


“We can’t continue to balance the budget on the back of hospitals,” Sonnenberg said.


The bipartisan bill – which is separate from the annual state budget – was the subject of intense negotiations between the Republican-controlled Senate and Democratic House. It will also allow the state to sell and lease back buildings and put that money into roads.