Hickenlooper considers calling special session for transportation funding

May 16, 2017

Gov. Hickenlooper talks to reporters in his office during the 2017 legislative session.
Credit Bente Birkeland

State lawmakers may come back to the capitol sooner than expected. Gov. John Hickenlooper is considering calling a special legislative session to, among other things, address transportation funding.


The Governor said there are two main drivers for a possible special session. First, lawmakers failed to pass a bi-partisan measure to send a transportation ballot question to voters this fall to get more money for roads. Second, the legislature didn’t fund the Colorado Energy Office.  

“Well, in a special session you have a little more time and maybe bills can be assigned to where they get a fair hearing…have the media and therefore the entire state see who is saying what, sometimes you get a more fair hearing by doing something like that,” Hickenlooper said. 

Hickenlooper said he will only bring lawmakers back if he thinks it’ll be worth the time and money and will get something done. He last called a special session five years ago.