Infused Jerky coming to the ABC

May 10, 2016

An example of the labels to be placed on the infused bison jerky product produced by the Sausage Queen.

The Pitkin County Commissioners Tuesday reviewed the application for the Cannabis Queen to become the first edible marijuana manufacturer in the county.

The company - formally called the Sausage Queen -  is looking to add cannabis-infused bison jerky to its offerings.

After more than a year of review and red tape, the business is now ready to ship marijuana to its ABC facility and extract oil from the plants to infuse the jerky in-house. No marijuana will be grown in the facility and no odor mitigation should be needed.

One concern of the commissioners is the close proximity to the Aspen Sprouts childcare facility located in the neighborhood. But county attorney John Ely said there is wiggle room within the 1,000ft setback requirement.

“It’s not an automatic grounds for denial… it’s something for the board to consider.” said Ely.

The council voted unanimously to grant the business a one year operating license.