NextGen recieves pushback on trade down plans

Oct 19, 2017

Next Generation Advisory Commission is under fire after suggesting trade-downs as a way of opening up employee housing units.


The commission is tasked with advocating for the under-40 demographic. They’re hoping to incentivize seniors to downsize, which could open up multi-bedroom housing to young families. The group also supports the idea of building senior-specific affordable housing.

But, in a Facebook post this week, councilmember Bert Myrin expressed concern that this threatens local retirees. His post now has more than 50 comments. Some community members say the real problem is people scamming the system. Others say it’s not employees causing problems, but the employers of the valley who don’t pay high enough wages for locals to obtain free market housing.

Others yet echo Myrin’s statement that  young professionals in Aspen are seeking to kick out their elders.

NextGen president Christine Benedetti said this is not the case.

“In no way shape or form were we saying we wanted to kick people out of their homes or do anything retroactively,” said Benedetti. “These were all suggestions for the future.”

The commission is now hoping for a public forum to further clarify their suggestions and bring to light the many issues the Facebook comments have brought up.