Phone photography on display at gallery opening

Jul 14, 2015

A new art show opening at the Aspen Chapel Gallery opens tonight. Entitled “I-Show - Photographs from Phones” features pictures taken from phones.


In the basement of the Aspen Chapel hang about forty photos taken solely on cell phone cameras. Subjects range from beaches to horses on television racing at the Belmont Stakes.

Photos hang on the wall at the Aspen Chapel Gallery (Patrick Fort/Aspen Public Radio)

  Summers Moore, the curator of the show, says part of her inspiration for the exhibit was that people often think art can’t come from the device inside of their pocket.

“People say ‘if it’s not an SLR, if it’s not medium format, it’s not gonna produce a decent image.’ Unfortunately that’s not true because as you can see in this room, we’ve got some great stuff and technology is simply getting better by the hour.”


The limited technology of the phone camera creates unique effects in the images, including bending of moving objects due to slow shutter speeds. Other images use interesting layering techniques that mix multiple images together.

The show runs through August 30.