PitCo Library needs $500,000 new roof

Sep 13, 2016

Jodi Smith, county facilities manager, presents at a Board of County Commissioners meeting Tuesday.
Credit Grassroots TV

  Just months after completing a $14 million renovation, the Pitkin County Library will spend another half-million dollars on a new roof.


On Tuesday, county facilities manager Jodi Smith told the Board of County Commissioners that the library’s roof has been collecting condensation for years. During the winter months, icicles hanging under the roof along the edge of the building are a sign of looming harm to the facility.

“We are really open to additional damage inside the building and we’ve just spent all this money and time making it a really awesome asset for us,” said Smith. “We didn’t want to go there again.”

It wasn’t until library renovations were underway that it was clear an entire new roof would be needed instead of the spot-by-spot approached used in past years. The $490,000 required for the project will be taken out of the library’s general fund, not directly from the county’s coffers. The price tag includes a third party inspector who will regularly check in on the construction to make sure it is done correctly. While the expense will bring the library’s operating fund lower than desired, budget projections show a surplus for the library by the end of next year.