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Record Number Of Skiers Involved In Avalanches Last Month

Feb 11, 2019

Credit Courtesy of Colorado Avalanche Information Center

  Colorado has recorded over 1,100 avalanches this season, affecting 52 people.


Of the 42 avalanches that involved skiers, half occurred in January, including two fatalities, one in the Aspen backcountry.

While the number of avalanche-related deaths is consistent with past seasons, the number of people caught in avalanches is really high.

In January alone,32 people were involved in avalanche activity,  According to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center or CAIC.

Forecaster Jason Konigsburg says that the relatively dry fall produced weaker, sugary snow crystals that couldn't support

“This season was kind of a perfect set up in terms of avalanche activity,” said Konigsburg.

He predicts as more people venture into the backcountry incident numbers will continue to rise. Though the number of successful rescues has also gone up, thanks in part to better knowledge and improved gear.  Konigsburg recommends always planning ahead and checking conditions

The avalanche forecast is quite dynamic. It changes day to day based on weather, and then, of course, carry the right rescue gear in the backcountry,” said Konigsburg.

Today’s forecast is Considerable.