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Strange Dirt's "Sanctuary" Takes Root At Skye Gallery In Aspen

Aug 11, 2020

Denver artist Marsha Robinson goes by Strange Dirt, and her first solo exhibition just opened at Skye Gallery in downtown Aspen. The collection is called "Sanctuary," and features an array of flora, fauna and bugs drawn by the self-taught artist. 

Strange Dirt's work last appeared at Skye Gallery for an all-female exhibition last year called "Metamorphosis." Skye Gallery owner and curator Skye Weinglass said that the detailed imagery of Strange Dirt's pieces pulled passerbys off the street to see them up close.

"People really loved [her art] and gravitated towards it," she said. "Her pieces are large-scale, she starts with a pencil drawing and then she draws in with ink, and also uses gold leaf on top—they take her months to do."

Strange Dirt's full "Sanctuary" will be on display at Skye Gallery until September 30, 2020.