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TACAW temporary space almost a go

Jun 13, 2017

The Arts Campus at Willits, or TACAW, is nearly a go with both temporary and permanent performance spaces forthcoming. The temporary space is set to open August 3.

 After a year of uncertainty surrounding TACAW’s budget and future funding, the Basalt Town Council recently voted to grant a 99-year lease to the nonprofit.


Ryan Honey is TACAW’s managing director. He said opening the 2,500 square foot temporary space is a significant investment, but it will be helpful in determining demand.


“We’re building something from the ground up and people that are getting involved now really understand that they’re getting in at the ground level and they’re helping to craft this,” said Honey.


Once open, the temporary space will host three to four intimate shows a week throughout the year, from music and comedy to cinema to lectures and some theatre.


The infrastructure will have multiple configurations depending on the event type that is both visually and sonically pleasing for artists and audiences.


TACAW will go before Basalt Town Council tonight to finalize the lease on the publicly-owned property at Willits. The public hearing is the final step towards finalizing the midvalley arts campus.