Water Meeting Will Tackle New State Water Plan

Jun 4, 2013

Credit Marci Krivonen

Water managers, users, and other decision makers from across Colorado are meeting today in Keystone. It’s part of ongoing efforts to make sure water’s being used in a smart way across the state. And now officials are starting to put together a statewide water plan, as ordered by Governor John Hickenlooper. John Stulp is the governor’s water advisor--and he’s overseeing Wednesday's meeting.

“We’ve been preparing for this, to discuss the issues on how we meet the supply gap, that we know is coming, around the time frame of 2050, with expect population grown, and the demands for food, and the demands for recreation and preserving the environment, how are we going to meet these future needs.”

Stulp says the group is in general agreement about preventing more agriculture lands from drying up. The meeting is one of several throughout the year, and all are open to the public. For more information, click here.