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Special Broadcast: The Economic Impact of Legal Marijuana

Grafton Smith/Grafton Smith Photography.

After the screening of Rolling Papers during the 2015 Aspen Film Fest, Aspen Film artistic director Maggie Mackay led a panel discussion with the film's director Mitch Dickman, The Cannabist’s Jake Brown, Aspen City Councilman Adam Frisch, and Kyle Vetter, manager of Native Roots Dispensary in Aspen.

The film rolling papers has been screened at film festivals throughout this summer, and was featured at the 2015 Aspen Film Festival in September.

The film explores the symbiotic relationship between the decline of print journalism and the rise of the cannabis industry. Mackay asks local representatives about the impact of marijuana sales in Aspen, and the future of the industry, including a potential “pot bar” where people can smoke and consume in public.

Thanks to guest producer Craig Turpin for recording this talk

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