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Sun, Sport and Moving Fast in Sochi

Bart Garton

Ok, it did get sunny again.  Yay. 

We did Snowboard Parallel GS yesterday.  Not much to report on that, so I’m going to go onto today’s coverage of Men’s Ski Cross.  By the way, I’m now on course, which is fun to get into competition camera. 

Variety is the spice of life, and I’m moving all over the place!
What a fantastic event.  Absolutely the best spectator sport ever.  And the athleticism is amazing.  Anything can happen in this gladiator-like competition to the finish, and I hope you’ll all get this in time to tune in to watch it tonight.

SPOILER ALERT:  Don’t read any further if you’re way into this and haven’t heard the results.  I am really glad my future godson-in-law (don’t ask) was not here this year.  The finals ended up with 3 French and 1 Canadian, which I of course will assume would have been him. And, in this sport, if you don’t get a perfect start and are running against 3 teammates, you don’t have a chance.  They boxed that poor fellow in and swept the event.  The real story, however, was the unbelievably awesome (and I do not use that word lightly) finish during the Semi Finals.  Watch for the spectacular crash at the finish, in which it becomes a photo finish for the yard-salers to cross the line to see who advances. Amazing.
Gotta go. Heading into old town Sochi for some true local Russian flavor.  I suspect I’ll have great stories for the next submission.

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