Basalt Town Manager negotiations drag on

May 4, 2017

Ryan Mahoney, the finalist for Basalt's Town Manager position.
Credit Ryan Mahoney

Basalt officials are very close to hiring a new town manager, but not quite there. The negotiations are dragging on longer than expected.

Ryan Mahoney thought the negotiations would be wrapped up by the end of this week, but they won’t be. He’s the finalist for the position.

Basalt Mayor Jacque Whitsitt told Aspen Public Radio that town council will go into executive session in next Tuesday’s meeting. They will make Mahoney another offer. Negotiations began last month.

Mahoney was in Basalt for most of it. The town threw a meet-and-greet for him last Friday at Rocky Mountain Institute. He’s since left the valley. He works the development services director for the town of Marana, AZ.

He’s also served as town manager for Dolores and Buena Vista, both of which are in Colorado.