Glenwood reconsidering some limitations on short-term rentals

Jan 4, 2018

7th Street in Glenwood Springs
Credit Flickr user, Kent Kanouse

Websites like Airbnb have made recent gains in Glenwood Springs. Late last year, the city council allowed short-term vacation rentals in subdivisions. The council is discussing whether or not to let this trend continue.

Right now, people who own duplexes and apartment buildings in Glenwood Springs can only rent out a quarter of their space on a short-term basis.

In a work session Thursday, the city council took a closer look at this and also discussed giving the green light to renting out ADUs on places like Airbnb. ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, are things like an apartment over a garage, or a guest house.

These places can’t be rented out on a short-term basis right now, the idea being to keep more housing stock available for people living in Glenwood Springs full-time.