Gov. announces plans to expand EV charging stations

Jan 25, 2018

Gov. Hickenlooper's plan includes adding charging stations along Colorado's highways and expanding access to electric vehicles.
Credit pixabay.com

This week, Gov. Hickenlooper released his plan to encourage more Coloradans to drive electric.


The plan includes more fast-charging stations on Colorado’s highways and steps to encourage more people to make the move to electric vehicles. It’s part of Hickenlooper’s commitment to the U.S. Climate Alliance and plan to support clean energy in Colorado.

Electric vehicle use is growing in Colorado, but infrastructure hasn’t kept up pace. There are now 53 charging stations in the state; studies show that as many as 632 could be needed. Hickenlooper plans to seek grants to fund such improvements and to look for ways to increase public funding.

Several state departments will also work on initiatives to expand access to electric vehicles. It will be updated on a yearly basis.