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Aspen Elects Steve Skadron as its New Mayor

Marci Krivonen

After months of campaigning and build-up, the City of Aspen finally has a new mayor. The results of yesterday’s run-off election tipped in favor of current council member Steve Skadron. Skadron was one of two slow-growth candidates that advanced to the run-off after winning a municipal election in early May. Aspen Public Radio’s Marci Krivonen reports.

Current City Council member Steve Skadron received the news of his win in the room where he’s spent many long evenings: City Council chambers. That’s where the votes were tallied.
Elections officials won’t have the final, official tally until the end of the week but, the unofficial results were enough for Skadron’s opponent Torre to concede.
"I’m very proud of what I did in the campaign, I’m very proud of my family and friends and the campaign that we ran," Torre said.
Skadron won the race with 52% of the vote. He says that’s a tighter margin than he expected.
"I’m curious if the appointment issue that’s a result of this election, weighed more importantly in peoples’ minds than I expected it to," he says.
Skadron’s win happens in the middle of his second 4-year term on city council. So, someone will replace him when he becomes mayor. Only instead of going to a vote, the city council will choose his replacement. It’s a process, Skadron says, that needs fixing.
"One thing we learned from this election is the system we have now is not the best one, so we’ll have to reconsider what we have now so it doesn’t happen again in the future," he says.
There are other to-do’s on Skadron’s list. As mayor he says, one of the issues he’d like to focus on is the environment:
"I think Aspen should be a local, regional and national leader in all things environmental."
The first thing Skadron did after hearing the news, was to call his mother. He says she cried after hearing he won. Skadron will be sworn in as mayor on Monday. 

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