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Glenwood Springs Pastor Charged With Sexual Assault

Delta Police Department

Update Friday, November 22nd: The Delta County Independent reports Quintero sent messages to a 14 year old boy from New Castle. The messages were “sent from Glenwood Apostolic, an account that has since been closed.”

Friday: November 15th: Delta Police have arrested a Glenwood Springs pastor for sexual assault on a person by one in position of trust. JeremiasQuintero is a Delta resident but is listed as a pastor in Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction, as well as his hometown. Delta Police Chief Robert Thomas said Friday his department doesn’t know exactly what church Quintero is a part of. Quintero also rented space at different churches that he was not formally affiliated with. Delta Police are not revealing what churches leased space to Quintero, because police believe the assault did not happen on church property. As of late Friday afternoon, Quintero was listed on a website as a pastor contact for a Christian Science location in Glenwood Springs. A representative for the Glenwood Springs location could not be reached on Friday afternoon by Aspen Public Radio.

Quintero was arrested Thursday. The Grand Junction Sentinel reported Friday that “Delta police said an investigation was started after the parents of the alleged victim, a 14-year-old boy, came forward with allegations their son had been inappropriately touched several times.”

Delta Police Chief Thomas said Friday his department wants to hear from “anyone who has any information relating to Quintero and children.” Detectives hope to find out if there are other children allegedly assaulted. They would then work with other law enforcement to further investigate allegations of sexual misconduct. Thomas said the goal is to be discrete, so as not to scare off potential witnesses. Contacts for the case are Delta Police Detective Sergeant Greg Birely and Detective James Nunn.

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