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This is the first contested race for the board of directors at the hospital in six years. Aspen Valley Hospital (AVH) canceled two previous ones because no one applied, except the incumbents. For this election, there are seven candidates running for two open seats.The candidates all answered a series of questions posed by Aspen Public Radio. Here are their responses.Ballots must be returned to AVH's administration office by 7 p.m. on May 3. They can be mailed or dropped off in person.

GarCo voting machines pilot going smoothly

Elise Thatcher

  Garfield County’s Clerk and Recorder will be in Denver on Friday, to report back about new election machines. The County is one of several testing out machines that could be used in next year’s general election.



Garfield County is trying out what’s called the Hart Verity voting system, a newer generation of what the County has used for several years. The program covers everything from designing ballots to doing the final tally, and everything in between.

Clerk and Recorder Jean Alberico says the new system has worked well so far, including the voting stations where people can cast a ballot in person. “Voters seem to really like it, it’s very easy to use,” she said on November 3rd. “It has a touch screen. Or for persons with disabilities, there’s a pad with a wheel that can be moved by hand, [and] we can put in headphones if someone has a visual impairment.”


There are three other voting systems being tested. Counties across Colorado are getting ready to switch to one new voting system. They don’t have to do it in time for the next general election, but many will. Eagle County’s Clerk and Recorder, Teak Simonton, is on the committee deciding which voting system will be chosen for the state to switch to.

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