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Elizabeth Banks stumps for Clinton in Aspen

Barbara Platts | Aspen Public Radio

Hillary Clinton stayed out of the public eye during a visit to Aspen yesterday, but an outspoken supporter made the rounds through downtown.  

Just after the monumental roll call in favor of Clinton on the second day of the Democratic National Convention, actress Elizabeth Banks took the stage. The next day, her video featuring numerous celebrities singing Clinton’s de facto theme song went viral. To see the full video, click here.

Yesterday, Banks brought her efforts to Aspen, snapping selfies with fans as she registered voters on Galena Street.  

“I did find someone from Denver who did need to update his voter registration, so I’m very happy,” Banks said.

Banks said Colorado’s political makeup  - split into thirds between democrats, republicans and independents - makes it a critical swing state. She also said it’s one of the easiest states to vote in.

“I love when you participate in our process, I think it’s really important. Especially in a state where everybody votes by mail, which i did not realize when i got here,” Banks said. “I find that fascinating, like there's no excuse. You can literally vote sitting on the toilet.”

Local “get out the vote” volunteers were also on hand. Heather Kent of Basalt got choked up speaking about her personal connection to the Clinton campaign.

“Well, my son was born in 1993 with a birth defect, and he was literally uninsurable his whole life until the Affordable Care Act,” Kent said. “And, of course, in the ‘90s Hillary was the First Lady and she was working on health care issues. I have chills just thinking about it.”

Kent’s voter registration efforts include getting her son to sign up now that he is old enough to vote. She acknowledges that it’s been a long, perhaps overwhelming, election cycle up to this point, but she said those who are ready to hang back this round should at least keep their options open.

“I encourage people who are even a little apprehensive or reluctant...they fill out the form and they’re registered. They will get a ballot and they will at least have the option come fall,” she said. “Because, as they get more engaged, they might get more excited, they might change their minds.”

Banks is trying to use her trademark humor to combat the political burnout.

“I think it's a lot policy talk, it's a lot of wonkk wonk, it's a lot of bluster,” Banks said. “I think if you get people laughing it sticks with them a little longer.”

The actress, however, would not humor a live acapella performance on the Aspen walking mall. She admitted, however, that the song is constantly stuck in her head.  

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