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Waste diversion plan to tackle demolition debris

Alycin Bektesh
Aspen Public Radio

As homeowners build, renovate, and expand their properties, the leftover construction materials head right to the dump. Monday night, Aspen City Council will looking at how to address the growing amount of waste created by the construction industry.

A 2005 study showed 64 percent of materials ending up in the Pitkin County Landfill were due to construction or demolition. By last year that number was up to 80 percent, according to a memo to council from Liz O'Connell, the city’s waste reduction specialist.

Valley resident Maureen Hinkle said she was shocked after renovating her home to realize that even never-used materials get tossed.


“Often times you are left with leftover materials and it's nobody's job to remove those materials so the easiest thing is to take it to the dump,” said Hinkle.

Monday’s presentation comes at the request of council, before it creates a comprehensive waste diversion plan in partnership with Pitkin County.

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