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Valley Roundup for March 3, 2017

Claire Woodcock/Aspen Public Radio

 Welcome to Valley Roundup.


Joining me this week are Randy Essex, editor and publisher of the Glenwood Post Independent, who spoke via Skype, and in the studio, Jason Auslander, reporter for the Aspen Times and Barbara Platts, digital content manager at Aspen Public Radio.



President Trump’s war with the media has generated strong reaction from journalists and those who support a free press around the country. Local journalists say it’s beyond troubling.

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Also, a valley-wide lockout at schools last month was triggered by an Aspen High School student who had made threats. But it took area police a while to figure out where the initial threat originated.


Aspen High student arrested for threats

Aspen teen confesses to posting internet threat

And, after complaints by residents, an assisted living care center is getting some scrutiny.



And when do DUIs make the newspaper?

Aspen woman arrested for DUI with child in car



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