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'Equus' Opens At Thunder River Theatre Company

Thunder River Theatre Company

“Equus” is the story of Alan Strang, a teenage boy who cuts the eyes from six horses. The provocative play opens Friday at Carbondale’s Thunder River Theatre Company.


“Equus” begins after Strang disfigures the horses. It’s almost a detective story, with the boy’s psychiatrist trying to understand Strang’s motivation. Through their conversations, both characters wrestle with religion, life’s purpose and normality.

Isaac Stakonis plays Strang. He said that, despite his horrific act, audience members may end up feeling empathy for his character.


“Yeah, objectively, stabbing horses eyes is an evil deed. There’s more to the story,” he said.

The costumes for “Equus” defy convention, too. Several cast members perform as the horses. They strap on horse shoes with a 7-inch stilt, wear metal horse masks that look almost like cages and tower over the stage at a height of nearly nine feet.

“Equus” runs through Oct. 13.  


Contributor Christin Kay is passionate about the rich variety of arts, cultural experiences and stories in the Roaring Fork Valley. She has been a devotee of public radio her whole life. Christin is a veteran of Aspen Public Radio, serving as producer, reporter and interim news director.
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