Christin Kay

Arts and Culture Reporter

Christin Kay is passionate about the rich variety of arts, cultural experiences and stories in the Roaring Fork Valley. She has been a devotee of public radio her whole life.


Born in Denver, she attended Kansas State University as an undergraduate and Regis University for her masters degree in Education, Learning and Teaching. She was in the classroom for 14 years as an English teacher, working to show students that their voices mattered. A teaching opportunity at Aspen High School brought her to the Roaring Fork Valley for the first time in 2011. It was love at first sight, and she’s still in a bit of awe that she can call this place home.  


She came to Aspen Public Radio as a programming and content producer, planning community dialogues and town halls, and hosting and/or producing local shows Cross Currents, Mountain Edition and Valley Roundup. 


Christin refuels by skiing, biking, hiking and just breathing in the mountains. Her newest adventure is becoming a mom. She lives in Carbondale with her husband Jeremy, her son Weston and her dog Yalla. She loves to talk books and podcasts, so if you have a recommendation for her, let her know!   

Interesting stories, and how they are crafted, are at the heart of what Christin loves about public radio. A well-told story can inspire, open and connect like nothing else. She is honored to be a part of Aspen Public Radio and to have the opportunity to bring stories from the Roaring Fork Valley to life every day.


The 40th annual Aspen FilmFest starts Monday. This year’s lineup includes films and discussions about everything from Judy Garland, to underwater photography, to mushrooms. 

Aspen Film executive director Susan Wrubel says the week-long festival is all about quality.  


Welsome to another week in the Roaring Fork Valley! This is Week in the Arts, a curated list of upcoming exhibitions and events. 



Aspen Filmfest starts today and runs all this week.  The event includes screenings of feature-length films and documentaries, as well as panel discussions. Films are shown in Aspen and Carbondale.  

Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

Powerful fans blow fresh air into The Collective, a new community space in Snowmass' Base Village, but there are still enough fumes from dozens of cans of spray paint to make you a little dizzy.

Inside, artists with names like Taste are transforming the white walls. There are kaleidoscopes of geometric shapes and interactive pieces.

Under Alya's Umbrella

A salon in Carbondale this weekend brings together a variety of artists and speakers for short performances. 

Alya Howe has been organizing salons in the Roaring Fork Valley for several years now.  She can’t pick a favorite act from Saturday's lineup, which she calls "knock-your-socks-off."

Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

Long-time Roaring Fork Valley fabric artist Etar owned a high-end clothing store in Aspen for over thirty years. Now, in her eighties, she works out of her Carbondale home.

Her new exhibition at the R2 Gallery, “Transcultural Bonding,” highlights the role clothing plays in cultures around the world. 


She says the title of this show refers to the time she spent in places like Bolivia, Uzbekistan and Dubai, learning from locals about traditional weaving and fabrics.

City of Glenwood Springs

The 27th Street Bridge in Glenwood Springs is expected to remain closed through Friday.  

 Portions of S. Grand Avenue and Atkinson Trail will also be closed this week, due to delays as crews take down the old 27th Street Bridge.    The old bridge must be deconstructed before the new traffic bridge is installed. More construction will be required to connect the new bridge to existing roads before it’s officially opened to traffic.  

Theatre Aspen

This week, Theatre Aspen hosts the one-person-show festival “Solo Flights,” which includes four productions, talkbacks and panel discussions. 


Theatre Aspen’s executive director Jed Bernstein has some advice for attendees.



“You undoubtedly are going to hate at least one, you’ll feel okay about one or two and you’ll love one. That’s the point of a festival, to explore and be surprised,” he said. 

Welcome to another week in the Roaring Fork Valley! This is Week in the Arts, a curated list of upcoming exhibitions and events.

Thursday, comedian Demetri Martin performs at the Wheeler Opera House. He works his guitar, cartoons and drawings into his deadpan routine. The show starts at 7:30 p.m.



Controversial surgeon J. Marion Sims, sometimes called the father of gynecology, experimented on enslaved women in the South during the 19th century. Aspen Words’ current writer-in-residence wants to tell the story of one of those women for the very first time. 

Benjamin Timpson


"Metamorphosis" is an apt name for a new exhibit in Basalt that honors murdered and abused Native American women with portraits created from real butterfly wings.


Artist Benjamin Timpson sourced the wings from sustainable butterfly pavilions.

Leticia Guzman Ingram

Thursday in Basalt, a local teacher will share photos and discuss her recent trip to the Arctic on a research expedition.

Basalt High School’s Leticia Guzman Ingram was selected by National Geographic to spend eleven days in the Arctic, studying the ecosystem alongside researchers. 

Wheeler Opera House

The Wheeler Opera House once again looks to bring new musicians to a local audience with its fall "On The Rise" series.

Alex Guthrie kicks off the series Thursday night. He brought his blend of soul, folk and rock to the Wheeler for the first time earlier this year. 


Welcome to another week in the Roaring Fork Valley! This is Week in the Arts, a curated list of upcoming exhibitions and events.

Thursday, two new shows open at Carbondale’s R2 Gallery: a textile exhibition called Etar's Fashionable Life and a retrospective of Jack Brendlinger’s bronze sculptures. An opening reception begins at 6 p.m. 


Colorado Governor Jared Polis was in Aspen last Friday, the same day it was announced that an effort to recall him in his first year of office failed.



Gov. Polis says he'll still closely watch the recall efforts against other Democratic lawmakers, and hopes those recalls will fail as well.  Then, he says, he wants to re-focus on issues like transportation, education and healthcare costs. 


Saturday in Snowmass, the Cidermass festival brings together cider breweries from all over the county.  They’ll be joined by new Roaring Fork Valley limoncello maker Tall Fello. 

Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

Every summer, artists from all over the world visit the Crystal River Valley to sculpt stone quarried from the small town of Marble. Naturally, the gathering is called the MARBLE/marble Symposium. Started by local artist Madeline Wiener 30 years ago, it’s part art school and part summer camp.

Scott Franz / Capital Coverage

Three Democratic governors speak in Aspen on Friday about their approaches to jobs, health care and immigration. 

Colorado governor Jared Polis will be joined by Kate Brown of Oregon and Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico at the Aspen Institute.

Holy Cross Energy

Holy Cross Energy announced plans to develop a wind farm in Eastern Colorado that will nearly double the electric co-op’s supply of renewable energy. 

Holy Cross will buy wind energy from the soon-to-be-constructed Arriba Wind Farm in Lincoln County. That energy will be enough to supply about 30 percent of Holy Cross’ annual energy requirements.


Welcome to another week in the Roaring Fork Valley! This is Week in the Arts, a curated list of upcoming exhibitions and events.

Glenwood Springs Fire Department

A wildland fire started outside of Glenwood Springs and forced evacuations Wednesday.   The cause is under investigation.