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Classical Pianist Highlights Unsung Female Composers


A classical pianist plays the works of Schumann in Aspen on Tuesday night.  No, not Robert Schumann: his wife, Clara. Pianist Karolina Syrovatkova will perform Clara’s work as Clara herself.


In her series, “Great Women in Music,” Syrovatkova highlights work from the wives and sisters of well-known classical composers.

"We very often know about the lives of these wonderful composers, but not necessarily the women that were close to them, who were also amazing musicians," she said.

Syrovatkova takes the stage Tuesday at the Wheeler in-character as Clara Schumann.

She will perform monologues about the love triangle between Clara, Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms, while playing pieces from all three composers.

Syrovatkova says researching the lives of her subjects helped her connect more deeply with their music.

"I just thought this is not fair, because the audience does not very often have the same chance to be so intimately acquainted with the stories that were behind these pieces of music," she said.

Syrovatkova has named the show “Variations on Love” and calls it a “dramatic concert.”




Contributor Christin Kay is passionate about the rich variety of arts, cultural experiences and stories in the Roaring Fork Valley. She has been a devotee of public radio her whole life. Christin is a veteran of Aspen Public Radio, serving as producer, reporter and interim news director.