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Documentary 'Sustainable Nation' Looks At Water-Scarcity Solutions Forged In Israel



The documentary "Sustainable Nation," which explores global water scarcity, comes to Aspen for a screening this weekend hosted by Aspen Center For Environmental Studies, or ACES, and Aspen Film.


The film looks at how solutions forged in Israel could help other areas facing a water crisis.


Executive director Raphael Shore lives in Israel. He says his country was forced to get creative when it came to its own water shortage.


"We’re living in a desert, we’ve got one little lake that doesn’t provide enough for all of our needs, so how are we going to solve this problem?" he said.

Credit sustainablenation.com

Those solutions include recycling waste water at the highest rate in the world, using drip irrigation for agriculture and even using aquatic plants as filtration systems. Three Israeli experts bring those ideas, along with others, to different water-poor areas, including a farm in California facing historic drought, in “Sustainable Nation.”

Shore says he hopes the film will help educate people, particularly in the West, when it comes to their water use.


"We are trained to turn on the tap and a miracle happens...water flows. And there’s just so little consciousness about the process by which that water comes to us, and that it’s a precious commodity," he said.


The film will be screened at the Isis Theatre in Aspen on Sunday at 7:30 p.m., and will be followed by a Q&A with Shore and ACES CEO Chris Lane.





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