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Aspen's community development director on the city's residential and rental moratorium

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Lisa DeLosso
Aspen Public Radio
Current and former council members and mayors of Aspen cut the ribbon on the new city hall building on Dec. 8. Later that day, the Aspen City Council voted unanimously to pause most new short-term rental and residential development permits for six months.

Despite opposition from many in the real estate, property management and development community, the Aspen City Council on Dec. 8 voted unanimously to temporarily halt most new short-term rental licenses and residential development permits.

The emergency ordinance is scheduled to be in effect until June 8. During the six-month moratorium, city officials plan to come up with new regulations for residential development and vacation rentals.

“This is new and it is different from how other communities have thought about land use and community character,” said Phillip Supino, Aspen’s community development director. “I really look forward to seeing where council goes in doing that work.”

Aspen Public Radio talked with Supino about the details of the moratorium, what changes might be coming down the pike next year and the larger tension over what kind of community Aspen wants to be.

Listen to the conversation above.

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