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Bureau Of Land Management Holds Off On Glenwood Springs Mining Company's Hydrologic Study Proposal

Molly Dove
Aspen Public Radio

The Bureau of Land Management said Thursday it will not make a decision to approve Rocky Mountain Resources’ proposal for a hydrologic study until early 2020.

Rocky Mountain Resources operates the Mid-Continent Quarry just north of Glenwood Springs. The mining company is looking to expand their limestone mining operations by 5,000 percent. 

The Bureau of Land Management says it needs baseline research for an environmental assessment before approving the expansion.

The mining company proposed drilling five wells on the Mid-Continent Quarry site for the hydrology study, which would look at the amount, quality and flow of water stored underground in the area. 

Glenwood Springs officials say the study could decimate water resources for popular hot spring tourist attractions in their town. 

The Bureau of Land Management held public comment until the end of October; it announced Thursday it will first conduct an environmental assessment to determine any potential impacts on water resources in the area before approving Rocky Mountain Resources’ proposed hydrologic study. 

Officials estimate a decision for the hydrologic study will be made in early 2020.

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