APCHA Governance Structure Questioned

Aug 7, 2018

Credit Roger Adams

On Tuesday, Aspen City Council and Pitkin County Commissioners met to discuss their respective roles in overseeing the workforce housing program.

Currently three entities all weigh in every time there is a proposed change to Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority policy.


An independent citizen board drafts and approves legislation, then needs approval from the council and the commissioners. The proposal discussed Tuesday reduces the cooks in the kitchen by creating one governing board that still has representatives from each group. Council member Adam Frisch thinks this allows all voting members to be part of the policy making from the start.


“I’m excited to have elected representatives of this community, with direct responsibility back to their constituents in the room where it happens,” Frisch said.


If both governments are open to the new structure, staff will begin work on a new management agreement that could be signed by the end of the year.