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Aspen Historical Society's 'Time Travel Tuesdays' Aim To Bring History To Life

Feb 4, 2019

The Aspen Historical Society’s Time Travel Tuesdays series kicks off Tuesday evening. This year’s lineup aims to make Aspen's history fun.


Time Travel Tuesdays are a month-long series of presentations on the history of the Roaring Fork Valley. This year’s lineup includes local actors bringing historical figures like Herbert Bayer to life. There are also evenings dedicated to the “strong and scandalous” women of Aspen’s past and the roots of Aspen’s love of dogs.

Nina Gabienelli is vice president of programming at the Historical Society. She says Time Travel Tuesdays are meant to educate adults about Aspen’s history in an engaging way.

"We didn’t want to do lectures, we didn’t want to do a powerpoint presentation. Even the word 'lecture' doesn’t make everybody exactly say, 'Ooh, let’s go to that,'" she said.

The series kicks off Tuesday night with an event called "Paint Bayer Number." Attendees will learn about Bayer’s Bauhaus-inspired style by creating their own painting.  

Time Travel Tuesdays run through March at the Wheeler Opera House.