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Basalt Affordable Housing Committee Reveals Plans To Help Housing Crunch In 2020

Nov 12, 2019

The Roaring Fork Apartments, one affordable housing project in Basalt
Credit Wyatt Orme / Aspen Public Radio


The Basalt Affordable Housing Committee wants to see a new regional housing coalition succeed. At a meeting with town council on Tuesday, it asked the town of Basalt for $10,000 to help establish the coalition. 


The idea of one committee that would tackle affordable housing up and down the Roaring Fork Valley came out a regional housing study released earlier this year. 

Cathy Click is chair of the Basalt Affordable Housing Committee.

"I think over the past few years, at least, it's become obvious that it isn’t Aspen’s problem, it’s not Basalt’s problem, it’s not Carbondale’s problem, it’s not Glenwood’s problem," she said.

Each of the prospective communities that would be a part of the regional coalition is being asked to donate up to $20,000.

Basalt's Affordable Housing Committee also discussed what they’d like to do in 2020 to address the affordable housing crunch in the Roaring Fork Valley.  

"It isn't Aspen's problem, it's not Basalt's problem, it's not Carbondale's problem, it's not Glenwood's problem."

One idea is reaching out to homeowner’s associations that currently prohibit accessory dwelling units, to try and persuade them to change their minds. 

Click says many developments in the Roaring Fork Valley that have prohibited small rental apartments have opted out of their zoning districts, in order to come up with something the developers and potential homeowners want instead. 

"But what you want may not necessarily be the thing that enhances and builds community where you’re living," she said.

Click says the committee also would like to facilitate more public/private partnerships to create affordable housing in Basalt. She says the cost of land is the biggest barrier facing affordable housing development in the town.