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At Compassion Film Festival, 'A Miracle A Day' Aims To Inspire

Aug 8, 2019

Still from the documentary "A Miracle A Day"

The second annual Compassion Film Festival and Symposium gets underway in Carbondale Friday. 

The Way of Compassion Foundation, which organizes the festival, says its film lineup celebrates stories of positive change around the world.

One film, “A Miracle A Day,” is about a home in Calcutta for women seeking refuge from human trafficking. Despite the seriousness of the subject, filmmaker Deborah Harse says she wanted the film to inspire viewers. 

"These girls and the staff of this home are just exemplary in the manner in which they face their challenges and support each other," she said.

Harse will lead a Q&A after the film screens on Sunday.  

The festival takes place at the Third Street Center.