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Expansion Coming To RFTA's Glenwood Springs Maintenance Facility

Dec 24, 2019

This graphic from RFTA's application to Glenwood Springs shows the area that will undergo expansion.
Credit via City of Glenwood Springs

The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority is making some upgrades to its maintenance facility in Glenwood Springs, right across the street from the West Glenwood Park and Ride. The renovations will more than double the building’s capacity for repairs.

The maintenance facility will go from four repair bays to ten, including two that are specifically designed for the authority’s new electric buses

Nick Senn, RFTA project manager, says the facility is bursting at the seams and is due for an expansion.

“Being able to maintain all these buses and maintain the new buses we're getting, we definitely have to build that capacity before we continue to grow," he said.

The project is slated to begin in 2020 and extend into 2021. It is part of RFTA’s “Destination 2040” development plan that includes a wide variety of upgrades over the next two decades.