Indigo Girls Return To Belly Up Wednesday

Aug 21, 2018

Folk duo The Indigo Girls return to the Belly Up Wednesday. They teamed up with the University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra on a recent album, and that collaboration is shaping their outlook for this tour.  


The Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray said that there’s nothing quite like playing with a symphony of 75 musicians behind you.  

Although Ray and bandmate Emily Saliers are performing alone for this tour, she said that now, there’s a new dimension to their songs.  

"And then when we go back and we play as a duo, you know, we hear the symphony in our heads in some ways and in other ways we have a spontaneity that we have as a duo that we didn’t have with the symphony," said Ray.

Ray said that fans can expect to hear both popular favorites and more obscure songs on Wednesday.