Ittner Touts Business Savvy In Race For Pitkin County Commissioner

Oct 13, 2014

Rob Ittner is campaigning to keep his seat on the Board of Pitkin County Commissioners, in the county's only contested race.
Credit Rob Ittner

Pitkin County voters will see one contested local race when they receive their mail ballots later this week. In the race for District One in Pitkin County, former commissioner Patti Clapper is challenging incumbent Rob Ittner. In our first report on the race, Aspen Public Radio's Marci Krivonen sits down with Rob Ittner.

How the candidates handle growth appears to be the top issue in the race. Ittner, who has held the seat for four years, says he is pro-growth, but also agrees with the county’s land use code. It’s a document he says smartly regulates development.

"I believe that there should be reasonable growth. I’m not going to put a gate up at the entrance to Pitkin County and say you can’t come here. Property owners have property rights and those rights are restricted by our land use code."

He says his business background has informed his choices on the board, and resulted in using county money wisely. With big budget items, like airport improvements, on the horizon, he says he’s the best candidate for the job.

On Tuesday, we’ll post an interview from his opponent, Patti Clapper who served on the county board for more than a decade.