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Original All-Female Performance Highlights Gender Disparity In Theater

May 9, 2019

Cassidy Willey, Gabriela Alvarez Espinoza, Alya Howe, Kristin Carlson, Trary Maddalone LaMee and Iliana Rentería rehearse a scene from the women's VOICES project. Set lighting design by Shelby Lathrop.
Credit Renee Prince / VOICES

Twelve local women banded together to create an original performance that opens in Carbondale on Friday.

The production highlights their stories and calls attention to a gender gap in the performing arts.

Twenty percent of the plays produced in the U.S. over the past three years were written by women.  



"I think that’s crazy!" said Cassidy Willey, one of the women brought together for the project by local nonprofit VOICES, in order to call attention to the disparity.

Everyone in the group has different levels of experience in theater. After meeting, they independently wrote and directed their own 10-minute segment of the show, using dance, poetry and their fellow performers. Willey says the finished product shows their diversity of age, background and perspective.

"That can make it relatable to a lot of people in the community that might not necessarily always see themselves represented on stage," she said.  

Performances begin Friday and run through Sunday at Thunder River Theatre.