Preventing school violence with the Bard

Mar 5, 2018

A scene from CSF's Julius Caesar
Credit Colorado Shakespeare Festival

A staging of "Julius Caesar" Tuesday evening will be followed by a discussion with students about school violence.  



The Colorado Shakespeare Festival tours Colorado performing a one-act version of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy about mob mentality.  The actors then lead a discussion about how the violence seen onstage relates to things in students’ own lives, like bullying and gangs.

The Shakespeare Festival partnered with CU Boulder’s Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence in training the actors to lead those conversations.  

Royce Rosewood, part of the ensemble, says that while students are certainly aware of the recent Florida school shooting, the discussion is broader than any one incident.  

“When we talk about these things, there’s always some other event that they’ve been thinking about, things that are already going on in the school either with bullying or gang violence.”

The performance starts at 7 at the Temporary in Basalt.