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Riverview School Students Promote Equality Through Empowerfest

Mar 5, 2020

Four students at Riverview School of the Roaring Fork School District worked all school year to put together Empowerfest. (From left to right): Kate Hardaker, Taia Nykerk, Sage Kaufman and Lily Stelzriede.
Credit Courtesy Photo / Sage Kaufman

Four eighth-grade students at Riverview School are hosting Empowerfest Friday. The event highlights female leaders as well as local organizations working to promote equality for all genders, races and abilities.

Students Sage Kaufman, Kate Hardaker, Taia Nykerk and Lily Stelzriede worked since the beginning of the school year to recruit speakers and local organizations for Friday's event.

Kaufman says she hopes Empowerfest will help community members look past their differences and accept one another.

“So we thought this would be a cool way to hear from different perspectives what other people have to say and to make people feel more included," she said. 

Kaufman says all the women speaking at Empowerfest work to challenge society and encourage people to embrace diversity. Speakers include Aspen resident Sallie Bernard and Carbondale forest service manager Shelly Braudis. 

Empowerfest is Friday from 4:30-7:00 p.m. at Riverview School south of Glenwood Springs. The event will be translated in Spanish.