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Rocky Mountain Why?

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Molly Dove / Aspen Public Radio

Ever wonder why the high occupancy vehicle lane is on the right side of Highway 82? Aspen Public Radio's community advisory board member Ziska Childs did, and so she asked us to find out why. 

Most highways have HOV lanes set aside for multi-passenger cars and buses on the left-side, but not Highway 82, which runs from Basalt to Buttermilk.

Aspen Historical Society

Aspen Public Radio’s new reporting project Rocky Mountain Why? starts with what you’re curious about when it comes to life in the Roaring Fork Valley. Why was Aspen nicknamed Fat City? Is it true that the Roaring Fork Valley produces more potatoes than Idaho? And why is the HOV lane on the right side of Highway 82? Our news team does the digging, then shares the answers with our community.