Experts Convene To Discuss Opioids In Aspen

Jun 19, 2018

Wednesday evening, Aspen Valley Hospital and Pitkin County are hosting an Opioid Crisis Community Forum.  This event brings together medical experts and law enforcement to discuss addiction and treatment strategies for the valley.

The forum will feature talks from Doctor Robert Valuck, an expert in prescription drug abuse, as well as community insight from Dr. Kimberly Levin from Aspen Valley Hospital.

A demonstration will teach attendees how to administer Naloxone, or, Narcan - a nasal spray for emergency treatment in case of overdose.

Pitkin County has twice the statewide average of prescriptions for opioids - a statistic that has caught experts' and officials' attention. While local mortality rates from opioids are low, access to these drugs leaves patients vulnerable to addiction.

The forum takes place at the District Theater Wednesday from 6 to 7:30.