Iliza Shlesinger takes a stand in her stand-up

Mar 13, 2018

Credit Maarten De Boer

Iliza Shlesinger is the only female comedian to win NBC’s 'Last Comic Standing.'


In her stand-up, the comedian unapologetically tackles social issues.  Her new book, Girl Logic, questions the expectations placed on women about their appearance and behavior.

Shlesinger says that battling against the status quo can be exhausting, but there is an upside.

“I mean, the positive side of trying and striving is always...God, I sound like a life coach...is going to bed and knowing, I stood up for whatever I wanted.  I was heard today or I tried to be seen.”

Because of the Me Too and Time’s Up movements, Shlesinger sees her routine resonate now more than ever with audiences.  

“There’s something powerful about standing there and saying, ‘Hey, if you don’t want to talk about it, I will.’ And to have the audience receive that with laughter and to see women and men nodding their heads like, ‘I’m glad you said that.’ ”

Shlesinger performs at the Wheeler Friday evening.