Lake Christine Fire: Residents Re-enter, With Proper Papers

Jul 9, 2018

People who evacuated their homes last week because of the Lake Christine Fire are returning. Some have to pass through police checkpoints, which is how law enforcement is ensuring people are who they say they are, in order to cut down on crowds and to prevent looting.

Luke Boyer’s drivers license is a little old, so he handed a copy of his lease to Amanda Bay, from the County.  

She gave Boyer a little green card to show police so he can get home to Old Town Basalt. Boyer was evacuated last Wednesday because of the fire danger. Bay estimates the county has issued 1,500 or so of these little cards to people like Boyer.

Bay has been in the area, doing this work since Saturday.  

"We’re the ones that are validating through utility bills and leases, and any other form possible that they are indeed the person that’s allowed to go back to that house," she said.

It’s not a perfect system. People don’t always have the proper documentation, so she has to get kind of creative.  


"[I'll] ask certain things about the house, like when it was purchased, that sort of thing," she said.

Once she can confirm residents' identity, they’re good-to-go. As of Monday afternoon, 30 homes are still under evacuation. Residents of the remaining 600 or so homes that were evacuated can return.