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Postal worker Emilio Pennini deported from U.S.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

  A troubled postal worker has been deported from the country. We have an update on a case that involved federal courts, immigration officials, firearms and a restraining order filed by a local woman.

Mauro Emilio Pennini was deported on March 1 after being found guilty of having a weapon while being under a restraining order. The case went to federal court because Pennini was on federal land when he was arrested. At the time he had a gun, handcuffs, ammunition and other items.

Pennini is a citizen of the United Kingdom but had been living in the Aspen area. In January, a judge in Grand Junction sentenced him to the time Pennini had already spent in jail waiting for his case to end. That was in exchange for Pennini complying with a deportation order. A representative of the Colorado U.S. Attorney’s Office said the deal was struck because at least one victim chose deportation as the No. 1 way to resolve the case.

Two Pitkin County cases against Pennini were dropped last week because he had been sent back to the U.K.

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