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Recruiter responds to the worsening teacher shortage

Aspen Public Radio

In a report published last week, the state predicted teacher shortages will only get worse in the years to come.

Nate Adams works in the HR department for the Roaring Fork School District. A lot of his job involves recruiting teachers. He spoke to Aspen Public Radio about how he convinces teachers to come to the valley — and the challenges he faces therein.

On seeking out the best:

"I go to the media and I say, 'who is the Kentucky state teacher of the year?' So we are going after certain particular teachers, whether that's on LinkedIn, or me just picking up the phone and cold-calling people."  

On selling the Roaring Fork Valley to prospective employees:

"I think the one I'm most prepared for is housing. The number one thing to recognize is that this is a small market. It's a low-inventory market, but things change a lot. So for me to say, 'I know local relators, I know local property managers,  I can feed you listings if and when you accept a job offer from us,' is a big part of my job." 

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