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Glenwood Students Join Others Around Globe In Demanding Climate Action


On Friday, a group of Glenwood Springs High School students joined teens all around the globe, demanding government action on climate change.  




Two dozen students marched on Glenwood Springs City Hall, joined by a handful of teachers and parents as they cheered and waved signs like “There Is No Planet B” and “Honk For Our Earth,” which many passing motorists did.


Hannah Juul, a senior at Glenwood Springs High School, organized the event. She’s so passionate about working to prevent climate change that she’s been building a zero-emission tiny home since she was 14.  She plans to live in it at college next year.

Credit Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

"I’m arguing for my future. If global warming keeps up at the rate it's going, I’m not going to have a planet to live in when I grow up," she said.

Her brother Logan says he’s fed up with seeing adults pass the buck on climate action.

"I’m pretty mad. I mean, I think it’s a really, big problem and I think we really need to deal with it," he said.


Protests like these took place in almost 100 countries on Friday, from Britain to Uganda.  While some students around the world walked out of classes, the Glenwood Springs students marched to city hall on their lunch break.  


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