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Sandra Cisneros on different cultures and exploring her emotional depths

Courtesy, the writer

Sandra Cisneros is an American writer known for her novels “The House on Mango Street” and “Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories”. Cisneros grew up with seven brothers and as the son of Mexican immigrants. She commonly writes about her feelings of isolation as she traveled between the United States and Mexico as a child. She spoke with Aspen Public Radio about her experiences as a writer and teacher ahead of her appearance at Aspen Words’ Winter Words series.





Highlights of our conversation:

On how growing up traveling between two countries influenced her …

“Every culture, whether it’s Canada or Japan, sees the world differently. I think it was a great gift that our father gave us — without realizing it — seeing the birthplace of our ancestors, and in return we saw the United States with new eyes. We saw ourselves with new eyes.”

On her ability, and perhaps, duty to help lead change as a writer …

“A writer can’t do anything by themselves. The writers are the visionaries. It’s important for writers to lead people to be wise, passionate and calm. In the past, I would have thought politicians should do that, but we are living in divisive times. It’s important for anyone to do that.”


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